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lindsey and krisoye: engagement

Three years ago when I was at business school trying to find the perfect finance job that will allow me to retire in 5 years, I met Krisoye. Krisoye is a nice guy. Not just nice, but SUPER-DUPER nice. Even though we both were looking for the same type of job, which...

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maxy and jerry: wedding, part 2

I was planning to post more photos from Maxy and Jerry’s wedding in Chicago. But there are too many pictures I really like, and it was impossible to pick just 15-20 ‘favorites’. There are 133 pictures I couldn’t live without, and you can see all of them just in 3 minutes! CLICK...

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maxy and Jerry: wedding, part 1

I had a beautiful wedding last Saturday. Everything about it was just beautiful. The venue, the bride, and their love. Usually It takes a while to process images, and I upload only one or two sneak-peek photos right after the wedding. But this time, no processing was required! Everything at...

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