Jindo… the korean dog.

Strong wills and independent minds. That’s the reason Jindo is so special and also very difficult to train.
Instinctively protective and extremely royal to its owner. That’s why I still love him so much.

Did you know that there are no leash laws in Korea and Jindos are allowed to roam freely? Umm… I wish my Jindo could roam freely here, too.

The Belvedere Wedding

Kimm & Aaron — June 25, 2010

Ceremony: Bethany United Methodist Church, Ellicott City, MD
Reception: The Belvedere, Baltimore, MD
Main Photographer: Heejin Ryu
Second Photographer: Mindy Best

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Sneak Peek: Kimm and Aaron

Kimm & Aaron — June 25, 2010

Ceremony: Bethany United Methodist Church, Ellicott City, MD
Reception: The Belvedere, Baltimore, MD

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As a photographer, I often try to find the beauty out of everything. Sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s not. But rarely I find the perfect one that I can photograph from any angle, any light and it just shines. That is my definition of the perfect beauty, and here we go. In this case, it’s a woman, but not always…

Feel free to leave a message and let me know what you think.

By the way, she is not a model. And she is single. :)

Sartaj - How do I save this pic? She’s amazing … or is it because you’re a good photographer?

Baltimore Aquarium Engagement: Christina and Mike

Christina and Mike rented out the Baltimore Aquarium for their engagement session and we had the amazing place all for ourselves! It was not only a fun photo-shoot but also a great time hanging out at the quiet aquarium, something we rarely get to experience. :)

My favorite photos, the first and the last shot of the day.

Inside the aquarium, there’s a rainforest area where we could get some nice green background.


We could also get the awesome baltimore downtown scene with the beautiful red-frame from the aquarium!

Another favorite photo from the day. I love Christina’s profile. So elegant!

Just the outside of the aquarium. Inner Harbor!!! Nice clean background matches perfectly with the happy couple!

Another beautiful smile of Christina and Mike. In front of one of the ships docked in the harbor.

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