Leica M9

I’m really peeking into the Leica world these days. I have been in love with my Canon 5D and 5D Mark II for many years, but I think it’s time to venture out to something new, something different. Leica is light. Leica doesn’t dictate your photos. It allows me to move around all day long without having to get massage afterward, and it provides me a great tool to focus myself. I first learned how to take pictures on a manual camera. No auto-focus, no built-in light meters. I had to know how to focus myself and how much light is available in the scene. Manual focus wasn’t that bad because my old camera had an awesome viewfinder that lets me focus really well. But it didn’t work the same way with Canon 5Ds. I even bought a special viewfinder to aid manual focus but it wasn’t the same. Canon 5D wasn’t meant to be manually focused. The camera wasn’t made with manual focus in mind.

This is how Leica looks like.

But Leica… it was made for people like me. Who loves the process of making pictures, not just to have his/her name on good pictures… Leica is easy to understand because it’s consistent; like a simple, straightforward girlfriend. Because I always use my Canon on manual exposure mode, I have no complaint about its metering system. Obviously it’s not perfect but that doesn’t matter because I don’t use it. Images from Leica look sharper but most of us won’t tell the difference when flipping through webpages. But I might switch to Leica because of its light-weight and an ability to quickly manual focus. Here are some images from last night. Nothing spectacular but I just wanted to show you some photos that Leica M9 creates…


Wedding photography in Black and White. Monochromie is Monochrome in French. Monochrome in photography generally means Black and White photos… There’s a new Leica camera that I really want but that camera takes only Black and White and therefore I wanted to test out if my blog can survive with black and white pictures only before committing a long-term relationship with a new camera… The Leica M Monochrome only takes black and white photos. No colors. And also there’s no auto-focus (though I LOVE not having auto-focus!). And the simple machine costs $8,000 just for the camera body. Lens costs just as much if not more… But I really want it! :)

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wedding gowns

Day eight of wedding photo series. Today I’m going to showcase a few of my favorite wedding dresses. I like something simple and elegant like the one below.

This is perfect for beach weddings!

I love the ethereal look of this wedding gown. Very romantic!

This dress makes every bride a princess. :)

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Day seven of wedding photo series. I’ve really busy (and lazy…) for a while. As you are probably well aware, it’s a wedding season and now I’m out every weekend photographing weddings! So far the weather has been amazing every Saturdays and Sundays. Hopefully this will continue… Here is my favorite topic of all. KISS… The first kiss is exciting, the second kiss is comforting and the third is confirming that they belong to each other… :)

Here we go.

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Day six of wedding photo series. Today is all about flowers. For those of you who are struggling to pick the right flowers for your wedding, here are some ideas!

My favorite is Peony. I’m sure I’m not the only one… :)

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Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Amazing shots! love the little details and the shallow depth of field!