Engagement pictures without getting engaged?

“Why do we have to wait until we get engaged to have some awesome photos of me and my boyfriend?”

Unfortunately, I don’t have a boyfriend. But if I had, why would I have to wait? Why couldn’t the “engagement session” be just something like… ‘we-love-each-other’ session? Even more so, why do we stop taking the beautiful professional pictures together once we get married?

For me, it sounds like guys are willing to ’scarify’ only once in his life.

Girls, it’s time to change that. Look how beautiful these are. Instead of asking your boyfriend picking halloween pumpkins with you, ask him to get amazing photos with you. If he loves enough to go pick pumpkins, I’m sure he will be more than willing to get romantic photos with you. :)

Some guys, actually most guys, are not really keen on posing in front of a camera. But all of my grooms were more than happy to do so because they love the girl who they were doing it for. Also, I don’t really ask my clients to pose. I want them to be who they are and ask them to just talk to each other during our photoshoot. How hard can it be? Just to talk to your girlfriend, right?

Look at these pictures. You don’t have to get engaged to get these lovely pictures of you and your boyfriend.

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Outdoor Wedding at Private Estate

Christina & Mike — September 17, 2011

Ceremony & Reception: Christina’s Parents’ huge backyard

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Outdoor Wedding at Conservancy

Sarah & Bill — September 18, 2011

Ceremony & Reception: Howard Conservancy

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Phyllis Fields - Would like to see pictures from reception. The ones I have seen
so far are beautiful.

Wedding Preview: Sarah and Bill

Sarah and Bill just got married last week and they are still at their honeymoon. Here’s one of their wedding photos waiting for Sarah and Bill to come back from their honeymoon… More photos will be posted as soon as they are back.

One funny fact. They kissed in the middle of ceremony while reading bows because they just couldn’t resist each other! Let’s try to guess how many kisses they have done so far on their honeymoon…

Wedding Preview: Christina and Mike

It was a beautiful outdoor wedding at Christina’s parents’ house. The day was gorgeous as you can see in the picture.
More photos to come…