I’m back from my vacation – Maldives Diving trip!

I was on a boat for 8 days diving 3 times a day! No internet, no emails, no phones. It was definitely a great way to get away and enjoy myself!

Here are some photos from the trip. I didn’t bring my Canon 5D Mark II this time. Just a good old point-and-shoot camera, like a real tourist… :)

It’s hard to tell the scale from these pictures but this is a huge clam, a size of iPad, and the one below is nubi branch, a size of a thumbnail.

Just watching this scenery makes me calm… A great way to meditate.

A set of an old diving gear, and the view from my favorite cafe in Maldives. The name and the location are secrets! :)

Apparently, we need to put on weight to gain confidence! Also, did you know that Paint Globe is No 1 paint in US???

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