Not everyone can be a model…

Yes, it’s unfair. But when it comes to a baby, I’m really picky! :)

I’m a wedding photographer, but once a year I photograph a few carefully selected babies. Of course, the cutest I can find! :)
It’s not a portrait session. I HIRE your baby as a MODEL! Why? …… Because I want to have fun photographing cute babies I like!

Why should you apply for your baby? …… Because you can get a professional photo of your baby at no cost! I’ll include $50 credit that you can use toward prints in exchange for your baby’s time! Remember? Your baby is a model. She (or he) needs to get paid! Besides, it’s a good chance to see if you baby has what it takes to be a model. Not all cute babies can be a model. A baby model has to love the camera, love the excitement and can handle the stress! :)

For the print pricing, visit Baby Portraits Website and click PRICING on the bottom. As a model, your baby will get 50% off on any Professional Prints.

The date for the photo-shoot are
If you think your baby has a potential, email me with his or her photos or a link to photos. I will NOT distribute or use the photos for any reason. (That’s illegal!) If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here. I will be sure to answer your questions asap.

Here are my favorite babies! A couple of them are the winners of last year’s model search, and the rest are from weddings I recently photographed.

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