oops! The sun is already set…

Nicole found a beautiful dress she fell in love with. But the store didn’t have her size. She was a little too tiny for the dress.

Well, she could have eaten a lot and gained some weight, but she decided to change her dress to fit her, rather than changing her to fit her dress! :)

What did she do? She washed the dress in a hot water and put into a tremble dryer! But the problem was… when we were supposed to meet, her dress was still being dried… We picked the golden hour, an hour before sunset, for the best daylight. But Nicole’s dress was still wet, and the sun started setting… I was worried… But the photos turned out great!

A couple photos taken right before sunset. Beautiful golden light…

Look! Darkness is not bad, right? It’s only getting better!

Jacque – I love the way you kiss her. The kind of kiss only a guy who is crazy in love can do…

The classic federal hill engagement shot!

The not-so-glamourous street light looks so glamourous in Black & White photo.

Heejin- Contact Me!

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