Candan and Onder: Old Town Alexandria Engagement Pictures

Old Town Alexandria is probably my favorite place to eat, shop and hang out on weekends. And it’s also my favorite place to photograph an engagement session; or, sessions! Last Saturday I had two engagement sessions both in Old Town Alexandria; one at 8 in the morning and the other at 6 in the evening. Initially I was worried if pictures from two separate engagement sessions would look similar, but the photos turned out to be totally different.


Because every couple is unique!

Most photographers would say that it’s because of the different lighting situations. Yes, one was in the morning and the other was in the evening. But that’s just a very tiny portion of the variation. It’s the couple. They are the ones who make the photos; these amazing photos…

These pictures are very french! Virginia-French… :)

Guess what? The colorful thing in front of Candan and Onder is a candy! A gigantic candy!!!

I love how he looks at her. He is screaming, “I ADORE YOU SO MUCH!!!”

This is also kind of European. Except the American flag with 76. Why 76???

A beautiful house with a beautiful cherry blossom tree. But Candan and Onder still grab all the attention!

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by Heejin Ryu

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Stefani - You did an amazing job! Love your pictures ;D

theresachoi - What a lovely couple! You’re right that each couple makes the photos unique, even from the same location used for other couples! :)

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