A girl with a magical power: Melia

Her mom mentioned that people often say she should be a model. When I first saw her photo that her mom sent, I thought that she was cute but nothing out of ordinary. But I was wrong.

It was her eyes that makes her so special. I felt as if I was sucked into a black hole or maybe hypnotized by her. She could have asked me to do anything and I would have said yes. Her eyes were a little wet as if she just stopped crying, and the little bit of tears on her eyes make the eyes sparkle and even more powerful. Well, it’s hard to explain with words but shouldn’t be difficult to spot in these photos.

About this photo, I couldn’t decide between B&W and color. Let me know which one you like better. Please…

She imitates everything her brother does. There’s no doubt that she loves her older brother! And vice versa. :)

We went outside for a brief moment and came right back in because it was too cold. I got these three photos of her when we were out but again, couldn’t decide which one is the best. I’m so indecisive about her photos!!!

Her smile looks so confident. Melia, teach me how to smile like you!

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