snow-flower is neither snow nor flower.

Yaay!!! I’m in Korea, and it’s so nice to be here; lots of good food, great services everywhere and most importantly endless photo-spots!

The first thing I did here was hiking Taebaek Mountains. The Mountains form the main ridge of the Korean peninsula and range from North Korea to the South. No, I didn’t hike the mountains to reach North Korea! I wanted to photograph something called ‘Snow Flower’.

There are three types of snow flower depends on how it was formed, and what I saw was created when fog or mist freezes on a tree branch. Well, it doesn’t sound that nice, right? But check out these photos.

Tree at Taebaek Mountains

Fall foliage covered with snow-flower.
Fall Foliage Covered with Snow

Beautifully frozen trees.
Winter Trees in Korea

View from the peak of Taebaek Mountains.
View from the Peak of Taebaek Mountains

Snow-flower covered everything, everywhere.
Snow-Flower Close-up

Choen Jae Dan, The Peak of Taebaek Mountains where our ancestors prayed to God in heaven.
The Peak of Taebaek Mountains

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by Heejin Ryu

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theresa choi - Wow, these are AMAZING! I’ve never heard of snow flowers, they are beautiful! Lovely images!

Sinn Yee, Tay - OMG, these are awesome!!! Gr8 pics! Love ‘em all!

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