Trying to keep things minimal is hard.

When it comes to weddings, I always try to keep things simple. My architectural training was all about minimalism. I thought Frank Gehry is genius and still do, but I wasn’t allowed to say that loud in front of my thesis professor. Frank Gehry is the one who designed Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. My professor learned from the legendary architect named ‘Mies Van Der Rohe’, who started modern architecture. He also came up with high-rise buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows when everyone else still relied on heavy brick-and-stone structure which is not safe to have big holes for windows. This is what he said when architecture was considered as exterior decoration.

“Form follows function.”

Also these famous three words.

“Less is more.”

It seems like pretty much everyone who speaks English have said this at least once. Mies is the one who first said this, and he trained my professor who trained me. Another famous thing about Mies is his ‘Barcelona Chair’. Here’s the photo of the chair from Design Within Reach. Btw, this Design Within Reach store is totally out of my reach…!!!

Barcelona Chair by Mies Van Der Rohe

Back to my point, I try to keep things simple and minimal when it comes to wedding. That’s mainly because I hate to see my wedding photos and albums go out of style. If there’s no style then there’s nothing to be out of style, right? :) Ok. Maybe I have my own style, but the style I pursue is something simple, clean and minimal. But let’s be honest. When we see something cool, we want to try that out even if it doesn’t fit our style. How many times did you buy a home decor item that’s so cute but not in line with other stuff at your room? Don’t you sometimes wish you had multiple houses, so you can try Victorian style at one and modern look at another? That’s probably why designers came up with a style called ‘Ecletic’!

I didn’t want to mess up with weddings by going ‘Eclectic’. Instead, I decided to do something cute on my baby portrait albums. I think it’s ok for a baby album to go out of style after 20 years. It’s actually even better since the out-of-style-album tells about the time when the photo was taken; when the baby was 6-month-old.

Here’s Eireland’s baby album, and I’m sure she will smile at herself looking at this album, 16 years from now.

Oh, if you are wondering who Frank Gehry is, the one I couldn’t praise in front of my professor, check my blog post HERE to see Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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