i’m going to deal with it and move on.

Unfortunately, my website and blog were down for a couple of days, and they are not fully recovered yet. The company that hosts my website and blog messed something up and over 100 photographers had to go through the same experience I had. Considering that 25% of couples get engaged over the Christmas/ New Year holidays and right now is the biggest booking season of the year for wedding photographers, the frustration we had to deal with was more than we can explain with words. It happened right after I blogged Happy New Year post, which is gone now.

Yes, the post is gone! Forever. Along with the post about kids at weddings, which a lot you loved and commented. I will try to re-write them at some point, but right now I have to re-design my blog. Not only the hosting company lost a couple of my blogs and had a few days of downtime, they also lost the design component of the blog and now I have to re-start… Please forgive me if my blog looks clumsy…

The good news is… I decided to take advantage of this ‘opportunity’ to revamp my blog. I’m already working on the new look so don’t forget to come visit me again in a week or two.

Just to make myself and any angry readers feel better, I went through my old travel photos. They were taken before I became a wedding photographer and these pictures are the ones that taught me about photography and gave me the courage to start my wonderful career as a wedding photographer. So I thank these photos!

This photo is my favorite. It’s so dreamy, and it makes me feel better when looking at it. It’s shot in Bagan, Myanmar.

This is the resort I stayed at Inle Lake, Myanmar. My mom and I were the only guests at this gorgeous place! The hotel staffs told me they opened the entire resort just for us. Isn’t that really nice?

This photo was taken at a local market in Jaipur, India. The owner of the store had never seen a digital camera before and didn’t understand why there’s no print coming out of my camera. :)

This is the famous Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. Believe it or not, I sold hundreds of copies of this photo. This pictures seems to be popular because it symbolizes Asian financial market.

Chichen Itza in Mexico. It’s about 3 hours drive from Cancun. On the way back from Chichen Itza, our car went off the road in the middle of nowhere and we stuck there for a while at 2 in the morning! Luckily a taxi with 6 big guys stopped for us, and those guys lifted the entire car and moved back to the road! Yes, they were really strong, and I was thinking, “Would 6 American guys be able to do that???”

And the last but not the least. This picture is screaming “Happy New Year”, taken from Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico. If I can afford, I want to spend every winter here. It’s cold, but extremely beautiful.

by Heejin Ryu

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Luca - Wow Heejin, these are amazing photos. We were in Myanmar and were blown away by the beauty. Visited Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon, but didn’t make it to Inle Lake. Do you ever make it up to NY? We would love to see you and introduce you to the kiddies. All the best, Luca

Marc Edwards - I’m sorry to hear about the blog Heejin =T On the other hand I love what you captured here! Looking forward to seeing the revamp, and happy new year to you!

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