have you had supermodel experience?

At PPA Convention in Nashville last week, I attended an interesting seminar by The Boudoir Divas.

Most of you probably have heard of Boudoir Photography even if you are not familiar with them. Not sure what you think of boudoir photography but I had a negative image associated with that. I thought boudoir was for a young woman with hot, skinny body who wants to show off. Obviously that wasn’t me, and I was not interested. But I couldn’t be more wrong.

This is what The Boudoir Divas said.

“As women, we are constantly bombarded with messages from society, telling us what the ’standard’ is for being beautiful. If you wear a certain style of clothing, if you can squeeze into a certain size pair of jeans, if you can fill a certain bra cup size, and on and on it goes. The pressure to look a certain way is incredibly unrealistic (not to mention stupid) and we want to try to combat society’s so-called ’standards of beauty’.

We here at the Boudoir Divas studio TRULY believe that ALL women are beautiful JUST as they are. Curvy, voluptuous, thin, pear-shaped, tall, short, blond, brunette, red-heads, 23 years old or 73+ years old! YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. Just as you are.”

They also mentioned that Victoria’s Secret boosts women’s desire to look sexy but doesn’t really help them satisfying their needs. And boudoir photo-shoot takes up from where Victoria’s Secret left off.

Isn’t that inspiring?

I couldn’t stop thinking, “YES!!! That’s SO right!”

As soon as I got back from the convention, I invited my best friend -and also the best test subject- Tanja to my new studio. She had no idea what was going on behind my mind and happily accepted my invitation!

‘Sorry Tanja… Hope you still like me…’

But I couldn’t dare ask her to take off her clothes… So I invented a new photography category; Boudoir-Fully-Dressed! :)

And the one on the left is my favorite. Tell me she looks sexy!

I’d love to do a little survey on what people think about boudoir photography. Please LEAVE ME COMMENTS or EMAIL ME your thoughts!

Oh, the photo below is Tanja pretending to be innocent! Girls! Don’t fake it. You are beautiful just as you are!

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