kirsten, florian & quentin : portraits at tacoma park

Kirsten Stade. She studied Earth Systems at Stanford and got her Master at Columbia. She interned with Park Service in southeast Utah and was a conservation biologist at WildEarth Guardians. She has a background that anyone would want to boast about, but she never mentioned any of the these when we met. She just thanked for my time, offered me a drink, and made me feel home at her house in Silver Spring.

Florian is her boyfriend. He is a dancer. He smiles like a shy little boy in front of Kirsten. I wasn’t sure if he was shy because he was in front of a camera or because he was kissing Kirsten in front of his son, Quentin.

Quentin is an aspiring actor. Not like most of us, he doesn’t have a fake smile. Or maybe his fake smile looks just so natural…

There are some photos of Kirsten, Florian and Quentin.


by Heejin Ryu

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